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 Please can you agree on this or give feedback....xoxox

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PostSubject: Please can you agree on this or give feedback....xoxox   Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:31 pm

Ladies, can you please take a read through the following...?

I'm hoping that this can made into a sticky at the beginning of the rescue section for those who may be considering adopting a rescue.... Before they take the next step of applying...
Let me know what you think

Post Title: If you would like to adopt a hedgehog…
Adoption Programme
Sometimes, through no fault of their own – there are a number of hedgehogs that find they have to move on from their current homes and then end up here with us at Prickly Critterz. When this happens and the hedgehog is handed over to the rescue, we do our best to ensure that these little prickly friends of ours are given the next best start in their new lives.
Please be sure to read all these instructions before applying to adopt one of our hedgehogs. It will save a lot of time for you and us. Please also remember that we are all volunteers and as such the re-homing process can take time.

About our adoption programme.
Our hedgehogs are not just re-homed and then forgotten about; they are put onto the Prickly Critterz lifelong adoption care programme. This ensures that the hedgehog always belongs to Prickly Critterz and that he / she is protected for the rest of his / her life.
Sometimes, depending on circumstances, the hedgehog may come with adequate living quarters, toys, wheel, feeding bowls, i.e. everything he / she needs. However, this is not always the case and it will be up to the new forever home to ensure that all these are in place before the hedgehog can leave the rescue.
Once a new forever home is found, a contract is then agreed and signed to say that if ever circumstances change, the hedgehog must come back to Prickly Critterz. It must not be sold or given to anybody else. Also, our adopted hedgehogs must never be used to breed from.
What charges are involved?
There is a charge of £50 when you adopt a hedgehog from Prickly Critterz. Our charges are to cover our costs for moving, assessing and administering the hedgehog. This allows us to continue our rescue work and allows us to help secure the future of more hedgehogs in need as well as contributing towards the work and rescue of our own native hedgehogs.

Can you answer yes to the following questions?;
1. Do you have the correct type of housing unit, toys and accessories to keep a hedgehog?
2. Do you have time to spend with your hedgehog? Without time and attention from you, your hedgehog will become skittish, and he won’t be very happy. He/she needs at least thirty minutes to an hour of your total attention each and every day. It may also be possible that your adopted hedgehog may not be used to being handled, it may even bite. Are you ready to take on such a hedgehog?
3. Your hedgehog will need veterinarian care. However, because the hedgehog is considered an exotic animal, most vets will charge a higher price for services than they would for a more common pet. Are you prepared to pay that higher price for services for the well-being of your beloved hedgehog?
4. Have you taken into consideration holiday time? Who will look after your hedgehog for you when you go away?
5. Diet

I’m still interested so what do I do next?

1. Please send a private message to Lou to request an application form
2. Once the application form is received, each applicant will then be contacted by telephone to discuss their application
3. The rescue committee will then decide if the applicant is suitable
4. All applicants will be assessed equally and fairly and will be informed by telephone

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PostSubject: Re: Please can you agree on this or give feedback....xoxox   Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:33 pm

looks great mel..really informative..x

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Please can you agree on this or give feedback....xoxox
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