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 Rare albino jackdaw spotted in South Wales

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PostSubject: Rare albino jackdaw spotted in South Wales   Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:46 pm

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Birdwatchers are flocking to an historic country house following the sighting of a rare albino jackdaw.

The all white bird was seen at the Aberglasney House Gardens in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, at the weekend.
Head gardener Joseph Atkin said he initially thought it was a dove.

Albinism is usually inherited and occurs when both parents have the albino gene. However it can also be caused by other factors, including an unbalanced diet, old age and injury, or even disease and shock.

There are different degrees of albinism in birds, ranging from all white to only a few white feathers. True albinos have no colouring in their feathers, and their bill, legs and eyes are pink.

The RSPB says they are often "less robust", have deficient eyesight and hearing and as a result, have low survival rates meaning they are only rarely seen.

Mr Atkin said: "I was really taken aback when I first saw this pure white bird which at first I thought was a dove.

"When I realised that it was in fact an albino jackdaw I quickly took a picture with my mobile phone.

"I've never seen one before. We were a little worried at first that it might be singled out and attacked because it doesn't fit it but the other jackdaws are leaving it alone.

"We have had an upsurge in visitors coming to see it and news of its arrival is all over Twitter."

The medieval Aberglasney House is said to have some of the finest gardens in Wales. They date back to 1477 and feature manicured lawns, orange tree and pools.
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Rare albino jackdaw spotted in South Wales
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