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 African Pygmy Hedgehogs

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PostSubject: African Pygmy Hedgehogs   Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:13 pm

Back in the early 1980s, a number of African hedgehogs were imported from northern parts of the continent to zoos in the USA. At this stage, very little was known about them, but since then, they have become much-loved pets, although their ownership is restricted in some parts of North America.

As more was discovered about the requirements of these cute insectivores, so breeding successes became increasingly common. The resulting youngsters proved very friendly and their cute appearance meant that many people fell under the charm of these small hedgehogs.

But what we now call the African pygmy hedgehog does not occur in the wild. Instead, it is the result of cross-breeding between two similar African species - the white-bellied (four-toed) (Atelerix albiventris) (see right) and the Algerian (Atelerix algirus) hedgehogs.

African pygmy hedgehogs are quite easy to care for, and can be housed in a variety of enclosures, although breeding females particularly are usually kept in box-type cages, affording them more privacy. They are naturally solitary by nature, so it preferable to keep them individually, although two females, especially those that have grown up together, may live together in relative harmony. Under no circumstances should males be housed together, as they will fight. The sexes can be distinguished easily by the difference in their reproductive organs.
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PostSubject: Re: African Pygmy Hedgehogs   Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:13 pm

Great post for newbies Helen x

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PostSubject: Re: African Pygmy Hedgehogs   Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:37 pm

Great post to show people who try to say they are wild animals. Thanks Helen.x
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PostSubject: Re: African Pygmy Hedgehogs   Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:57 pm

Great post love, many thanks.


JO xx
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PostSubject: Re: African Pygmy Hedgehogs   

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African Pygmy Hedgehogs
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